Global Well

Mission statement


Mission statement

Bridge The Gap Between Yourself and the Biomedical, Psychological, and Sociological Knowledge

As early as 1977, George Engel called for a biopsychosocial model. It evaluates the patient’s bodily symptoms, along with the social and psychological reality. For example, a patient’s weaker immunity may also be influenced by recurrent stress.

A few years later, Aaron Antonovsky developed the Salutogenic Model of Health in guidance to a novel health promotion strategy. His term was derived from the Latin word ‘Salus’, meaning health and the Greek word ‘Genesis’ referring to the ‘origin’. It became known in science as the ‘Origin of Health’. Antonovsky was one of the first academics to notice stress was one of the driving forces behind developing a broad range of diseases and stepped away from the classical approach of looking at the disease (Pathogenesis)…

Antonovsky looked at all contributing factors which may turn into stress-inducers. These stress components are well described in science as determinants influencing the physiological working of the body. His aim was to use resources to strengthen resilience and coping behaviour. The ultimate goal is reaching a ‘Sense of Coherence’, facilitated by three elements known as ‘comprehensibility’, ‘manageability’ and ‘meaningfulness. Simply put: understanding what contributes negatively to your health, manage this and create a meaningful life.

You, as a curious human being, may crave for independent, evidence-based, up-to-date, and state-of-the-art information. We integrate all evidence, also from non-classical Western medicine to help you decide which approach may suit you best.

Global-Well provides this information in written and audible comprehensible language. This will be offered to you in different ways: scientific analysis, reports, podcasts, masterclasses, interviews, lectures, summits, and aggregated content.

Debunking pharmacological and biomedical myths using scrutinizing, substantiated evidence will be a step towards change.

Global-Well works as a two-way street establishing an interactive platform for you to interact with peers and the scientists involved. Members can, as such, help determine the agenda of researchers. You will be able to participate in a virtual think-tank, building towards a new patient-oriented integrative and holistic health-model that should lead to international policy recommendations. We help you engage in health asset-based community development that starts and grows from your initiatives within your local ecosystem.