Global Well


“How healthy are you?” What improves your well-being? Who is responsible for your (mental) health? Why is a good life-work balance important to you? Let us all find answers by regaining responsibility for treatments you see fit. Take back the ability to self-manage your health and well-being.

Strengthen your knowledge about diseases, and how to address them. Work towards a shared decision making process with your healthcare professionals involved. By entering a well-informed dialogue, you can make a substantiated informed decision.

Engage and contribute with other peers worldwide in reshaping the current biomedical model. Intrinsically, you will become part of changing the socio-economic fabric of our world.

We identify this platform as more than a virtual community. Global-Well facilitates a worldwide collaboration created by and for citizens guided by renowned scientists throughout your journey. We can all make a contribution reflecting your personal and professional experiences. So let us help you build a community where you and others take the lead in setting up programs on a local community level.

Let integrative/holistic science be your guide towards optimal well-being. The results of our common efforts can be transcribed in policy recommendations aimed at official bodies. Our goal is to change society towards a prosperous well-being and health for everyone on this planet.

Join in!