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Absence of Decent Scientific Information Can Destabilise Society

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Throughout history, crises have often been the harbingers of social change. And so it will be with the corona crisis. The biomedical and socio-political reaction to this challenging event has shown lack of decent scientific underpinning in many cases. The majority of countries launched discourses based on inadequate or insufficient scientific evidence. As the crisis progressed, the divergence between science and the implemented approaches became more and more apparent. The latter translated into resentment leading to worldwide protests.

With the rise of the internet, we have seen the emergence of many health information beacons. They attempt to inform the general public. However, we often notice objectivity or conflicts of interest with pharma or other industries. This can lead to absurd situations. For example, evidence shows us that a vast array of medication hardly contributes to improving symptoms. And yet, they are still prescribed ‘en masse’.

History has proven many medical scientific innovative processes take up to 15 years reaching health practitioners. Important information often remains hidden in the ivory towers of academics. Given healthcare providers have little time following up on the latest insights, this hardly ensures best practices.